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Why We Are Here

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) provides funds to assist in the construction of housing for low income elderly and provides various programs to assist in rent payments as well.


While these are necessary and meaningful programs, there is a limitation as to how these funds can be spent. In an effort to do more than just warehouse the low income elderly, outside resources are necessary to provide a fuller experience for the residents of these buildings. That is where the B’nai B’rith Housing Foundation of New York State comes into play.


Jerome Beatus and a group of B’nai B’rith members from Queens, New York, formed the foundation (BBHFI) in 1999. The goal was simple. Raise funds from donations which in turn could be turned around as grants to Senior Housing throughout New York State to be used for social and cultural activities.


Funds have been used to provide English as a second language classes, computer equipment and lessons, trips to cultural locations and even yoga classes. These events bring the residents out of their apartments and keep them energized, active and motivated. HUD provides the housing and the grants from the foundation make the buildings a home for the residents.


While Mr. Beatus unfortunately passed away in 2000, the board of directors of the foundation have carried on his work and renamed the foundation in his honor. Yearly events are held to raise funds and the current board and officers intend on expanding their efforts to provide grants to more locations.